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Stunning 1830s handmade French cape

Stunning 1830s handmade French cape
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ANTIQUE Stunning 1830s handmade French cape.
This amazing handmade piece is from my private collection of pieces from 1830. I personally acquired this piece in the early 70s when I was making dolls. As a trade, an older women gave me her grandmothers couturier clothes made in France. Her grandmother was the daughter of a city like Mayor. Entirely handmade work on the front design, as well as most of the inside is hand stitched. It is quilted inside. Made with wool challis and metallic gold gimp along with a gold and black gimp used to create this incredible design. This is a very large cape that expands out over 125 inches and falls to a V point in the back dropping down 42 inches. It has an ostrich collar and is in excellent condition. It has a couple of dirty areas, but could actually be worn out on the town as a cape with out cleaning, it looks that good. Has two remarkable frog closure buttons. One has come off, but I have it in a container. The fringe has gold wrapped balls that the drape the silk treads that make the 3 inch fringe. This is really a very exquisite piece and could belong either in a museum or some ones great private collection. It is a perfect example of the era. If you have more questions or need more information about this cape then please E-mail me at
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