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Point de Gaze handmade SHAWL**HISTORY

Point de Gaze handmade SHAWL**HISTORY
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Point de Gaze amazing shawl. COLOR IS EDDSHELL>> or to reserve contact for offer...ESTATE OF SIDONIE NADHERNY von BORUTIN. HISTORICAL Brussels Point de Gaze shawl 20W x 106L Was appraised by Kate Henry three years ago for 40,000 or that would be the cost to reproduce it today. THIS MINT CONDITION for its age..Minus the three small holes...ECRU IN COLOR.rnSidonie was a Habsburg ancestor of Vienna. She was a relative of MARIE ANTOINETTE. This amazing historical work of art is in excellent condition. It has two small pin holes that comes with its age. One larger hole about 1/16 of an inch, very small. The workmanship is one of the finest I have ever seen outside of a museum. She died in London in 1951? She was broke at the time and had previously sold of all her fine possessions. I have seen other pieces here and there on antique web sites that were either glassware or figurines belonging to her. From the Estate information in SF, her many beautiful belongings were purchased by a couple in CA in the 40's. This really is a museum piece, since she was considered in books to have inspired Karl Kraus in many of his writing. It is interesting to read about him and his conflict with the coming war in Germany in 1916, he was Jewish and had seen the times changing. Sidonie was Bohemian and it was difficult at times to be lovers. I personally wish the book below was translated into to English so that I could read more about her and the riches of her own dynasty.rnrnThe Point de Gaze piece came from an estate sale in San Francisco. It belonged to the bohemian woman who lived with John Von Kloss the German poet in the late 1800's. Baroness Sidonie Nadherny von Borutin. She was very wealthy and while it is difficult to find history on her in English, you will find much about her in German. To review some of the history you can best see KARL KRAUS poet for more about her. I will be happy to answer any questions and will be happy to send out any additional photo's. Item will be insured.rnPlease ask questions or if you need more pictures please feel free to ask. Would love feedback from you:)rnrnRainer Maria Rilke - Sidonie Ndherny von Borutin: Briefwechsel 1906-1926 Gebundene Ausgabe Book written in GermanrnrnThe mans name was KARL KRAUS... Kraus never married, but from 1913 until his death, he had a conflict-prone but close relationship with the Baroness Sidonie Ndhern von Borutin (18851950). Many of his works were written in Janowitz castle, Ndherny family property. Sidonie Ndherny became an important pen-friend and addressee of books and poems

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