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Italian Needlepoint Tablecloth, Flemish Lace

Italian Needlepoint Tablecloth, Flemish Lace
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ANTIQUE HANDMADE RARE LACE Italian Needlepoint Tablecloth. Tablecloth 47 x 54 a complete edge all around made of Hand Italian Point d Venice Needle lace. The majority appears to be machine made netting with Hand satin stitch Embroidery The borders of the netting have Hand over casting stitches and Hand buttonhole stitches to connect the various other laces, which appear to have been set in later than the original work. They are cuts of older Handmade Italian Point d Venice Needle laces. If they had been made for this piece, they would not have cut edges but would be complete pieces inset and identical both sides. There are large areas of Battenburg with several patterns of fancy tapes and hand filling stitches. There are spider wheels with needle woven centers..Assuming the embroidered netting to be the original base, the age of production is likely mid 1800S. The Battenburg added to it is of the same age to current, as it is still being made. The Point d Venice portions could be older, The combination of machine work, with Italian handwork and American handwork means it could have started in Europe, but continued in the States. It is a patchwork of laces that may qualify it as a modern Normandy work, even though it obviously did not start out intended to be a patchwork. The Normandy style is very popular now among collectors and lace makers. Although it has some damage, it is still beautiful. I personally would fuse this to some linen and have it in the middle of my dining room table.Belongs in a MUSEUM!

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