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Handmade Vieux Flandre Bobbin Lace and Needlelace

Handmade Vieux Flandre Bobbin Lace and Needlelace
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ANTIQUE Handmade Vieux Flandre Bobbin Lace and Needlelace COLLAR...VERY RARE!rnrnrnREPORT PROVIDED BY KATE HENRY: This lace is distinguished from common tape laces by the hand made bobbin braided motifs. Look closely to see that the ribbons change width and direction, and are not folded or gathered to make curves. The threads follow the flow of the design, shorter on inside curves, longer on outside curves. Machine made ribbons are the same thru out their length. Machine ribbons may be patterned, but they are consistent repeats in very short measure. The flowers and leaves of Vieux Flandre look quite a bit like Belgian Rosaline in construction, but they are made with a much heavier, larger diameter linen thread. Rosaline seldom is shown with a mesh or net ground. Vieux Flandre depends on the needle ground to hole the designs together. The similarity is not a surprize since Flanders is Northern Belgium. The complexity of design resembles that of Duchesse, but Duchesse is a much finer scale. It is made in Brugges, where another specific, large scale lace is made in the Duchesse style. Vieux Flandre follows the grand scale of the 17th century laces. Once the ribbon portion is complete, needle mesh is filled in by hand. The construction of the mesh is like that of the French Alencon Needlelace mesh, except again, scale is much larger in Vieux Flandre. Bobbin fillings can also be found in some examples.rn

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