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About Debra Marion

I was born and raised in Walnut Creek, California. I experienced the usual kind of life that most children experienced then in the suburbs, playing with friends, attending public schools, and learning in general how to take care of myself. Then, in my mid-teens, I discovered a unique shop in Berkeley, California. It was called Lacis, and the owner was known simply as Katie. She sold many different kinds of old handmade and machine-made lace and other antique textiles, linens, and Victorian clothing, and it was because of Katie that I then began my journey in collecting rare antique lace. My interest was not hurt by the fact that by the time I was 16, I had already read Gone with the Wind four times, which filled my imagination with the belief I too belonged to the times of Scarlet O’Hara and Rhett Butler, that I was a Victorian gal.

So like Louis the XIV, I discovered lace in the 60’s. The only difference is that his 60’s was the 1660’s in France, and mine was the 1960’s in Berkeley, California. The 60’s for me was the era in which I would go to Berkeley for Peace Rallies, not so much for the promotion of peace, but more so to be a part of all that was happening during those times. It was on one of these visits that I discovered that great little shop I have mentioned, at the corner of Ashby and Shattuck, called Lacis. This shop was owned by a wonderful and extremely knowledgeable authority on lace. Her name was Katie Kliot. I immediately fell in love with Katie and her shop, and there purchased my first piece of handmade, probably Bobbin antique lace. My discovery of Lacis quickly and directly influenced my life, leading me into a lifelong journey in collecting and learning the fascinating history of lace.

My grandmother, Emma (pictured standing, with my Aunt Josie) was milliner, who passed down her skills and collections to my mother. My mother, Betty Ruddock, was herself already a professional seamstress and collector of lace when my interest developed in the 60’s, and although I knew about lace from my mother’s interests, I didn’t really come to “know” lace until I made that discovery of Lacis. Through my mother, however, I became active in the world of antique laces, textiles, dolls, and miniatures, and have been attending shows, both as a vendor and consumer for over 35 years. I have had a business license in vintage textiles and lace since 1973. Legacy in Lace and Lace Legacy are my current business names.

In the early 1970’s, I was a known miniature doll artist in California, showing and selling my wares at doll shows until 1985. I then opened a small shop to sell antique linens, laces, and ribbons called The Emporium. I continued to do Vintage Shows, Doll Shows and Antique Shows with my mother, who by now had become a very successful antique lace dealer, purchasing large lots of handmade and machine-made lace and textiles from auctions across the United States.

Then, in 1989, my mother developed cancer. My mother dealt with her illness by continuing to involve herself in her profession, buying and selling more and more product, and forgetting about her illness. She died in 1990, leaving me with a vast “Legacy In Lace.” While I have continued to sell parts of my own and her collection over the past years, her major and private collection still exists, and is now coming out of storage to become available for sale to the public. In this collection are many beautifully handmade Italian and French examples of bobbin lace and needlepoint lace. There are wonderful pieces of Victorian and Edwardian silk ribbons and trims, plus many silk society tablecloths and other exquisite linens, appliqués and unique textiles from an era that has long passed but is not forgotten.

Many of these lace techniques are part of a dying art, such as many kinds of handmade needle laces and bobbin laces. To name a few: Reticella, Tenerife, Duchesse, Honiton, Torchon, Bedfordshire. And for the amazing work on machine laces such as Leavers and Schiffli. There are many lace makers still today that have taken up lace making, mostly not for profit by rather for the desire to create beauty... as the hours of work and incredible detail for design is not profitable today.

My motto is.... If you do not see what you are looking for then please ask because I am sure I have it for you.

Love and hugs... Debi

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