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18th CENTURY Lace Cluny, Burano, Battenberg, Itala

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Handmade Brussels tape lace Hankie point to point 16 # 101
Handmade Brussels tape lace Han...

Handmade stunning Brussels/Honiton tape lace Hankie. Point to point is 16. Has...
L#15 Handmade Battenberg Lace 4-Set
L#15 Handmade Battenberg Lace 4...

Beautifully handmade Battenberg Lace
L#31 Handmade Battenberg Lace
L#31 Handmade Battenberg Lace

Handmade 18th Century Battenberg Lace Cuffs with Panel Piece
L#33 English Star Cluny
L#33 English Star Cluny

Handmade, pristine condition! 2 yards, 13" x 3 1/2"
Very old Handmade Large Applique Mint 30  #17
Very old Handmade Large Appliqu...

Stunning Work of art on this applique Battenberg tape lace and heavy...
L#20 Handmade Battenberg Lace
L#20 Handmade Battenberg Lace

Beautiful handmade Battenberg lace in pristine condition!
L#30 English Cluny Lace Soft
L#30 English Cluny Lace Soft

English cluny lace in good condition, 1 1/2" x 2 yards
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